There are a number of ways to incorporate basic volleyball fundamentals into fun games designed for younger children. These games often try to work in volleyball training to teach children form, techniques, and movement on the court among other things, while engaging them in fun activities. Though there are many different types of games and activities children can use to introduce themselves to the skills of volleyball, none give children the type of introduction that Balloon Volleyball does. Balloon Volleyball is a great game to introduce children to the skills they will need for volleyball training.

As one can assume from the name, Balloon Volleyball incorporates the use of a balloon rather than a volleyball during play. Children stand in a circle or even on either side of a low net and must hit the ball back and forth to each other. Depending on the age and ability of the kids, they can start to get introduced to correct volleyball form, positioning, and techniques. Using a balloon as the ball gives children more time to position themselves as well as being a soft alternative to the hard ball.

A child looking to start volleyball training benefit from Balloon Volleyball as it gives them the time to get comfortable with the sport and learn the skills behind it before dealing with the speed and weight of a real ball. Once children become confident with their skills, they can then incorporate a heavier ball and feel assured they have the right techniques to be successful. Balloon Volleyball also gives children the time to strategize positioning and placement of where they want to hit the ball. As they develop and grow, these skills become quicker and quicker until it becomes almost a reflex in itself.

Balloon Volleyball is a great way for younger children taking up volleyball training to learn fundamentals and theories behind the game. Because of the game’s slower pace, young athletes have the ability to train themselves to react to certain hits with the proper form and motions necessary. This mentally trains them for the future when they have a real ball in play. Balloon Volleyball, along with a number of other children’s games, helps train young volleyball athletes to become stars in their sport.