Tom Brady - Pocket Presence

Football is the ultimate team sport and no one player can make or break a team.  However, a great quarterback is the only player on the field that can make everyone around them a better player.  Right now we are clearly living in the “era of the quarterback.”  No matter what level of football you are talking about- high school, college, or the NFL, football has become a pass first,  run second type game, with some quarterbacks doubling as the best “running back” on their team.  The following football training tips and drills will provide a great foundation for quarterbacks at any level by starting with a “ground up” approach, working on one of the most important attributes a quarterback can have- solid footwork.

The Quarterback Ladder Drill is a great drill that helps quarterbacks develop fundamental skills as well as quick footwork in the pocket.  The drill also teaches the quarterback proper form when handling the ball inside the pocket-keeping the ball high and tight, close to your numbers. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is not the quickest or fastest quarterback by any stretch, however he has unbelievable footwork that allows him to move almost effortlessly in the pocket.

Quarterback Seven Step Drop Box Drill: Learning the seven step drop should be a key practice point to any young evolving quarterback. Even if your team does not throw the deep ball often, it is important to develop these skills if you plan to play at the next level. This drill, again performed flawlessly by Tom Brady, properly displays the proper seven step drop technique while moving about the pocket to avoid defenders.

20 Yard Drop with Resistance: Performing this drill will require a small investment by purchasing a resistance belt and band. The following drill allows the quarterback to develop quicker drop back skills during football training. As Brady states in the video below, “The object for a quarterback is to get back as deep as you can, as fast as you can.” The resistance training will really help strengthen your push off motion when dropping back.

The last drill Mr. Brady explains is a five step drop with a roll out.  In this drill Brady demonstrates a proper five step drop, and how to react when the pocket collapses and the quarterback is forced to roll out.

And finally, no matter how you feel about Tom Brady there is no denying that he is one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time. He takes his football training and quarterback drills very seriously and the results have shown on the field, with five super bowl appearances and three championship rings. In this last video below, Brady talks about being the best athlete you can be and working within your skill set.

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